Child Feedback Process

  1. You receive an email with "Child Feedback || ..." in the subject line about 5-10 minutes before the class starts.
  2. In the email, there is the list of your student's with separate links next to each name. 
  3. Click each link and a new tab opens with "Child Feedback" form to fill-in. Note: The child's name, batch and date are automatically filled-in.
  4. Click 'present' or 'absent' for that class.
  5. Fill-in the Student Feedback. Note: Give the parent a quick summary of topics covered in the class, how the student performed and if anything still needs to be practiced. 

Child Feedback Template

Both summary of topics covered and how the student did in the class that day should be informed to the parent.

  • Present

    Today, we covered *list topics* in class. *Student's name* did (great/well/excellent/etc.). *Student's name* can keep practicing ____ for our next class.

  • Absent

    We missed having * Student's name* in class. Today, we covered *list topics*.

Child Feedback FAQ

  • Do I need to provide student feedback after each lesson?

    Yes, it allows the parent to know how their child is doing and a quick summary of what was covered in class. Also, it provides the opportunity to inform if the students should practice anything else for the next class.

  • What do I include in the Child/Student Feedback?

    Give a brief summary of what topics were covered in the class. Inform the parent what the student did well in and where the student needs additional practice (if necessary).

  • Should I provide Child Feedback even though the student wasn’t in the class?

    Yes, give the parent's an outline of what was covered in class. Also, click 'absent' for the student.