Class Protocol & Walk-through

  1. You receive an email to accept/reject the batch. Click for more information: Accept/Reject Batch Process
  2. Optional: Google Calendar invite is sent to your Google Calendar after new batch acceptance. Click ‘Yes’ to accept the invite and select ‘Yes to all’ so all the classes are accepted on your Google Calendar. 
  3. Open material you need to use for your class. 
    1. Open Google Drive
    2. Open the folder for your Batch
    3. Open the class presentation
    4. Click ‘Presenter View’ and 2 pages open (Slide Show Presentation & Presenter View which has notes and shows previous, current and next slide together)
  4. Enter your Zoom classroom with the link on Google Calendar or in the 1-hour class email reminder. 
  5. The number of students in your class is found in the Child Feedback email 5-10 min before class. When class is finished, if you have not received a Child Feedback email, in the subject write "Missing Child Feedback" to
  6. If your student does not arrive in the first 5 minutes, send a message in Google Hangout to “SplashCourses” or email to informing who is not in your class so SplashLearn can communicate with the parents.
  7. Classes will run between 45 to 60 minutes. This depends on your class and lesson. The class must be a minimum of 45 minutes.
  8.  When the class is finished, “Stop Share” and say goodbye to your students. Then click “End,” which is a red button at the bottom right in Zoom and click “End Meeting for All”.
  9. Complete the Child Feedback for your class. Click for more information: Child Feedback Process

Classroom & Zoom

  1.  Your classes are automatically recorded. If a student asks why it is recording, reply that it needs to be recorded for SplashLearn internal purposes only.

  2.  You access your class material in Google Drive. You receive an email that shares courses access with you. To access them quickly, you can ‘star’ the folders.

  3. Before class, you need to open Google Drive. Open the folder for your batch. Open the presentation for the class. Click "Presenter View” or “Present.

  4. When you enter the room, your students might be waiting for you but you will become the Host.

  5. Click ‘Share Screen’ and select the screen of your class presentation.

  6. You can access ‘Annotate’ at the top of your screen when in “Share Screen” mode. This will allow you to draw and type on the screen. You can also use ‘spotlight’ which is the laser pointer. You can click to the next slide/animation while in ‘spotlight’ mode.

  7. Any other questions look at Zoom’s Help Center found at Layout Option


  • How long should I wait if my student is late for class?

    Send a message to SplashCourses on Google Hangout. They will inform you you can logout.

  • Can I use my own slides or other material in the classroom?

    Yes, you can use any additional material to supplement SplashLearn's teaching material.

  • A student is 10 minutes late. Should I extend the class time for them?

    If the student is late, you try to summarize quick for the whole class so that everyone is at the same point in the lesson. Then teach the class for at least 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

  • What should I do if my student isn’t in the classroom?

    Send a message to SplashCourses on Google Hangout or email SplashLearn. SplashLearn will contact the parents.

  • What if I cannot enter the classroom on time?

    Contact SplashCourses on Google Hangout and inform them of your situation. They will inform you how to proceed and assist you if there are any issues entering. SplashLearn might try to call you, so please answer any unknown number.

  • My IT issue delayed the class by several minutes. Should I still teach it?

    Yes, our classes are 45 to 60 minutes.

  • What should I do if the slides/presentation won’t load?

    (1) Refresh your browser. (2) Exit and Open your presentation again.

  • Where can I find the material that we use for teaching?

    You received an email with SplashLearn sharing the batch's folder. The material is found on SplashLearn's Google Drive shared content with you. If you do not have access to that folder, email SplashLearn and ask for access.

  • How can I see the material before I teach the class?

    You access the shared content on Google Drive whenever you want.

  • If I am late for class due to an IT issue or emergency, what should I do?

    Contact SplashCourses on Google Hangout immediately. They will help you during your IT issue.

  • What should I do if I encounter a connection/internet issue?

    Send a message to SplashCourses on Google Hangout informing them of your issue. Try to connect using a 'hot spot' on your cell phone data plan if your internet goes out or your WiFi is unstable.

  • What should I do if I encounter an audio issue?

    Make sure your speakers are on. Try different headphones if you are using headphones.

  • What should I do if encounter a camera issue?

    Try a different device or external camera. Send a message to SplashCourses and they will guide the next steps.

  • What should I do if I encounter an audio/video delay?

    Work your best around it. If a student is having bad connection issues, you can request them to turn off their video to see if that helps the delay or connection issues.

  • Are there any general troubleshooting tips that can help fix my classroom IT issues quickly?

    (1) Stop 'screen share' and then share your screen again. (2) Leave the meeting and come back again. (3) Make sure your Zoom is the latest version. (4) Have the student leave the meeting and re-enter again. (5) Have student(s) stop sharing their video and only share as needed.

  • I had a class on my Google Calendar, but now it’s gone. What happened?

    That class was most likely cancelled by the parent(s). Send an email to SplashLearn to confirm the cancellation.

  • Something urgent came up. Can you contact the parents and reschedule the class?

    No, you cannot contact the parents. Email SplashLearn immediately and they will inform the parents. If the emergency happens right at class time, send a message to SplashCourses on Google Hangout.

  • My student is experiencing IT issues, what should I do?

    (1) Have them leave and enter again into the classroom. (2) If the IT issues continue, you can try having the student turn-off their video.